Caring for a Temporary Crown

Your temporary crown is made from an acrylic resin material and is cemented with a temporary cement. Temporary crowns are made to last for a few weeks while your permanent crown is being made. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your temp and what to expect.

  • It’s ok to chew with your temporary but avoid chewing anything hard, such as nuts and granola or anything sticky like gum, caramels, and taffy.
  • Be sure to brush and keep area clean to maintain good tooth and gum health. Just be cautious not to brush too hard and do not floss that area.
  • It is not abnormal for your tooth to experience some sensitivity while wearing the temporary crown, especially to cold. Temporaries are not as substantial and don’t protect the tooth from extreme temperatures as well as the permanent crown. However, if you experience prolonged sensitivity or pain please call our office.
  • Contact us if your bite feels “high” or you feel that you’re biting on the temp crown prominently; which can cause the crown to break or come un-cemented. 
  • Let us know if your temporary comes out, even if you’re not having sensitivity. Teeth are prone to shift and going without your temporary crown even for a couple days can cause the final crown not to fit properly.